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Arabic classes for corporate groups

You do business with the Arab world?
You are into diplomatic or cultural relations with Arab countries?
You travel to Arab countries, will engage in basic conversation with locals? 
You have business or job in Arab country?
Your work involves contact with Arabic speakers or Arab immigrant communities?
You have interests in Arab affairs and Arab culture?

All good reasons to work with us,

We offer Arabic language classes tailored to your needs,

Spoken Arabic class
Want a quick start to be able to engage in basic conversation in Arabic, greet people you meet, participate in social conversation in Arabic, this class is targeted for that, you will learn how to engage in basic conversation in spoken Arabic, greet people, ask or answer basic questions often used in such situation, the class will  also introduce students to Arab culture and habits and social life to make the experience real and enjoyable. 

Classic Arabic classes

Want to learn classic Arabic, learn the Arabic letters, be able to read and write in Arabic? this class is tailored for that. You will learn the Arabic alpha bet, sentences structure, difference between spoken and classical Arabic, how to read and write basic sentences in classical Arabic, at the end of this class students are expected to be able read and write and  understand basic sentences in classical Arabic

Technical Arabic classes

Want to learn Arabic to level to be able to read or write technical documents, technical Arabic classes is tailored for that, you will learn Arabic alpha bet, sentences structure, how to read and write basic sentences,  technical words related to your field, note that this class can be taken as advanced level of "Classical Arabic class", and focus mainly on technical words and sentences in Arabic. 

Classes location:

Classes are held at "Arabic Learning Center" Cupertino location or at your company site

Duration20 hours 
Fees for 20 hours class held at Cupertino location: $840 (1 on 1) 
                                                                                       $630 per person in group of 2 or more, up to 5 students

​                                                                                       $525 per person in group of 6 or more students

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