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Arabic classes for kids

Ages 6-14

Arabic for Kids

Duration: 8 hours, 1 hour a week 

Fees: $350 (1 on 1)

          $250 (group of 2 or more)

This class is for kids who wish to learn how to read and write in Arabic. The class is designed in a way that makes students interactive learners. Students will start learning the alphabet, they will be able to read and write simple words in Arabic. They will also be exposed to basics such as numbers, colors, and body parts.   

Kids will learn the Arabic alphabet in an interactive way that makes learning efficient and fun. They will learn how to divide any word into syllables and then read it correctly. Kids will be learning new letters and syllables every lesson according to a specific curriculum which makes it very easy for them to read and write. We will also work on listening comprehension by reading text and answering related questions. Speaking Arabic can be challenging, so we will teach kids basic words and phrases that they can use daily such as how to greet someone, or how to ask simple questions. Kids will learn new words in Arabic that will help them build their vocabulary in order to be able to read and understand texts.

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