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Classes are held in Cupertino

6793 Clifford Drive

Cupertino CA 95014

Phone: (408) 832 3135


Adults learning Arabic
Our goal is to teach the formal and spoken Arabic language, so that learners can read, write, and communicate with Arabic speakers. Learners will also be introduced to the Arabic culture. 

Welcome to the Arabic Learning Center!

Due to COVID-19 all classes are held online using Zoom or Facetime or Skype platforms

Why should you learn Arabic language?

Doing business with the Arab world

You are into diplomatic or cultural relations with Arab countries

You travel to Arab countries, will need to speak Arabic for communication with locals

You have business or job in Arab country

You have Arabic speaking family member

Your work involves contact with Arabic speakers or Arab immigrant communities

You have interests in Arab affairs and Arab culture

You have interests related to Islam 

You enjoy the challenge of learning interesting language 

Learning Arabic language in a group or one on one in relaxed and friendly environment becomes fun and enjoyable

Kids learning Arabic

Arabic Learning Center


Arabic Learning Center
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